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ENOC stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking a rewarding career in the energy industry. The recruitment team at ENOC is currently seeking candidates, whether they’re Freshers or Seasoned Professionals. If you’re interested in pursuing government jobs within the energy sector, seize the opportunity and submit your application to join Emirates National Oil Company Careers.

Company NameENOC (Emirates National Oil Company)
Job LocationUnited Arab Emirates
QualificationsHigh school/Degree Diploma or Equivalent
Application TypeOnline
Recruitment TypeFull Time
Expected SalaryCompetitive
BenefitsAs per UAE labor law

Type of Job Openings:

ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) in the UAE offers a wide range of job opportunities in various fields related to the energy and oil industry. Some of the common job categories and positions you might find at ENOC include:

  1. Engineering and Technical Positions:
    • Chemical Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Civil Engineers
    • Instrumentation Engineers
    • Process Engineers
    • Maintenance Technicians
  2. Operations and Production:
    • Refinery Operators
    • Plant Operators
    • Production Supervisors
    • Terminal Operators
    • Quality Control Analysts
  3. Administrative and Support Roles:
    • Human Resources
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Legal
    • Information Technology
    • Procurement
    • Administration
  4. Sales and Marketing:
    • Sales Representatives
    • Marketing Specialists
    • Customer Service
    • Business Development
  5. Logistics and Supply Chain:
    • Supply Chain Managers
    • Logistics Coordinators
    • Procurement Specialists
    • Distribution Managers
  6. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE):
    • HSE Managers
    • Safety Officers
    • Environmental Engineers
  7. Retail Positions:
    • Service Station Attendants
    • Cashiers
    • Store Managers

About ENOC:

A Comprehensive Overview of ENOC The Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is a state-owned enterprise primarily engaged in crude oil and natural gas activities, with its headquarters in Dubai. ENOC holds a prominent position as one of the largest oil producers in the Middle East. Established in 1993 through a joint venture between the Investment Corporation of Dubai and private investors, ENOC plays a vital role in the region’s energy landscape.

Benefits of Working at ENOC:

Working at ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) in the UAE can offer several benefits, which may vary depending on your position, experience, and the specific terms of your employment. Some of the common benefits of working at ENOC include:

  1. Competitive Compensation: ENOC typically offers competitive salary packages, and your pay will depend on your role, experience, and qualifications.
  2. Health and Wellness Benefits: ENOC often provides comprehensive health and wellness benefits, including medical insurance, dental coverage, and wellness programs to help employees maintain their health.
  3. Retirement Plans: ENOC may offer retirement and pension plans to help employees save for their future.
  4. Employee Development: ENOC is committed to employee development, and they often provide opportunities for training, professional development, and educational support.
  5. Career Growth Opportunities: ENOC has a strong focus on career development, which may include internal promotions and opportunities to advance within the company.

How to Apply for a Job at ENOC:

To initiate your application process for ENOC Careers, follow these steps diligently to increase your chances of securing a position.

  1. Click on the “ENOC Careers”.
  2. You’ll be directed to ENOC’s official career page.
  3. Use the search bar to specify your desired location and click “Search Jobs.”
  4. Browse through the available positions to find the one that aligns with your interests.
  5. Click on the job title to access the job’s details, including its purpose and other crucial information.
  6. Click the “Apply Now” button.
  7. You’ll have two options: Direct Apply or through LinkedIn.
  8. By selecting “Apply,” you’ll be prompted to create an account.
  9. Complete the application form with accurate information.
  10. Upload the necessary documents.
  11. Submit your application.
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